Navy Restricted to Windows XP – Pays $9 Million to Microsoft

Microsoft had stop supporting Windows XP last year and it has abandoned the issue of security updates in order to deal with the problems in the software. The companies and agencies which are still having the Windows XP can get safety from the hackers by paying Microsoft for continued Windows XP updates. Navy is one of them which is still using Windows XP and it is required to pay Microsoft $9 million annually so that Microsoft can provide it the updates.

Although Navy is considering to upgrade the windows to its new version and those updates are expected to be completed till 2016 but on the other hand, there is a possibility that it would require more time to complete its updates therefore, Navy’s contract with Microsoft for windows XP updates is going to be till June 2017. Due to that Navy would also have to pay more amount to pay to Microsoft for the support of Windows XP which is $31 million.

Why still using Windows XP?

Steven Davis, spokesman for Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command has explained the reason that why it is necessary to keep the Windows XP in their systems. He told that Navy has a number of legacy applications and programs on which it relies and those applications and programs are dependent legacy Windows products. Those applications are old therefore it is required to make changes in them and modernize them. Unless this change occurs, Navy has to continue with the same Windows XP to run all the operations smoothly and therefore it has to pay large amounts for that as well.

Microsoft stopped its support for Windows XP in April 2014 and after that, for the next two or three months Navy did not disclose any decision regarding the updates of the Windows but in July 2014 Vice Admiral Ted Branch, deputy chief information officer for the Navy issued an agency-wide memo on July 2014 according to which all of the systems were ordered to be updated to newer version of Windows till April 2015.

According to Steven Davis, since the issuance of the memo, upgrading on the computers ashore have been done but many systems afloat which include ships, submarines and other vessels are using old operating system.

There is no exact record which can tell that how much PCs Navy is using with Windows XP but paying large amount $9 million means that the number of systems is not small. There are many computers which are running on the Windows XP.

Navy is not the only one which is using Windows XP. There are many organizations which still have Windows XP installed on their systems. Around 44% of the corporations are there in which at least one PC is to run on this operating system. If an overall review is taken then it can be found that there 15% systems all over the world which are using the Windows XP. ATMs of the most of the banks are using Windows XP.