Netflix Online Platform Extends Its Network In Europe: Its Competitors Are Becoming Increasingly Worried

The American platform Netflix, a giant in the field of video content distribution by subscription will be launched tomorrow in France and other 5 european countries. This generates concern among its local competitors who will be forced to react in order to resist on the market.

Netflix, the world leader in this sector which has exceeded 50 million subscribers worldwide, of which about 36 million are users from the US, has extended on the European market. Netflix intends to expand on other markets as well so that “ one third of families around the world would have acces to this platform in the next 5-10 years” said Reed Hastings, the company’s owner.

The American giant of streaming, created in 1997 by renting DVDs, has grown very fast on the American market and in 2012 it was launched in some European countries like Great Britain, Ireland, the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands. Tomorrow , Netflix is going to appear in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

In Germany, a major market in Europe, with 80 million inhabitants, Netflix is eagerly anticipated. Snap, the SVOD service of Sky Deutschland, which also exists in Austria decided to lower the price for their monthy fee from 9.9 euros to 3.99 euros. This is much less that what is expected for Netflix: 7.99 euros.

Maxdome, another SVOD platform, owed by ProSiebenSat 1 media group, is present both in Austria and Germany since 2006. Its representatives are not at all concerned about Netflix because they are well prepared.

In France, the future competitors of Netflix are getting ready for battle. The group Canal + one of the European giants has modernized its offer CanalPlay which already has 520000 subscribers in 3 years.

In order to develop, especially in Europe, where the company gained 295 million euros in 2013, according to market research institute GFK, Netflix adopted the strategy of original creations in the countries where it will appear.