New App For Shopping Has Been introduced

Shopping is not as simple as some people think. It requires a lot of time to consume either it is online or in the real world. An entrepreneur from Israel thought about this pain through which people have to go through. The name of the entrepreneur is Liat Zakay and she has given a solution for that.

An app has been created which has used artificial intelligence for the mobile shopping. The requirement of connecting a group of keywords is no more now and rather the users are now made to hitthe styles which are available and see that they are either the same which they were actually engaged in searching for.

Zakay said that it is very easy to find out the articles or any document through the search engines and people can find it a great experience but when the concern is any object which is visual for example related to fashion, it does not seem to be very appealing.

The Fashion app which is called Donde Fashion’s app is released on the iOS and more than 6000 retailers that include Zara, Banana Republic, Bloomingdales and J. Crew are the part of the app for the offerings and now with the help of the artificial intelligence, an analysis of the images is done by the software and then arrangement of those images is done in the basis of some characteristics like length, color and the neckline.

On the app, firstly, the selection of an item is made by the users which is to be searched and then it is separated on the basis of the prices, design or the brand.

The items which are selected can be bought from the Donde app directly and it receives a part of the purchase through some partnerships but according to Zakay, the searching result would not be disturbed due to these partnerships.

Zakay along with her co-founders had the experience of the data analysis the creation of algorithms for almost two years and they have put their experience of artificial intelligence here.

Zakay told that this idea for introducing such app came when she herself got frustrated during shopping because she does not have enough time to visit the stores and rather she does not have interest in roaming around. She also said that she and her friends wanted to do something different and they opened a cybercrime startup and this app was the outcome of their thinking.

Zakay was having a trip to South America where she thought of the name of the startup. The objective of Donde is the assistance of the users to search for that the same thing they actually need.

The main focus of the app is currently on the clothing and other items for the women but she has another thing in her mind that the shopping is the requirement of everyone and there is no one who does not have to face this frustration and she has the other things in consideration which include items for home, men clothes and many other things.