New Car Sharing App On Trial

Google has started a new carpooling program and launched a new app for its users which is named as RideWith. The app is made to provide the facility to the people who have to take the same path to go to their work,they will be given an opportunity to share the costs which have to be born for traveling by using one ride.

How can the app help you?

It is considered to be beneficial for the Suburban commuters as they need a more frequent schedule for sharing the ride. So, many people are saying that this will be a better substitute Uber and Lyft’s for them. You can search on the app easily about the people who are near you and are ready to provide you the ride. These people might be you neighbors or your coworkers. The list of such person will be available on the app and along with that you may also find the cost you may bear which is calculated on the basis of gas and mileage of the car and there is a nominal fee for using the app as well. It is up to the drivers who can accept the request if they consider it suitable otherwise it can be refused.

The app is being operated through Waze which is a company which Google had to launch when there was a plan of Google to expand its Google Maps’ Service. Now, Waze has built the app and it is the main source of running the app to provide a service to the people who want to utilize it.

How the app is different from other car sharing services?

There is a difference in the service provided by Waze and other services providers of sharing the rides. This app has been created specifically for the standard rush hourand another difference is that there will not be more than 2 trips for one day. If drivers agree for more than two trips, they will not be compensated for that.

The success of the app will be measured by the response of the people. If the response of the people is good, then the business will be expanded in more cities where the population of suburban persons is more. So, app is on the trial right now and Waze has also mentioned it that it is just testing the app and the expansion of the service is not guaranteed, it is only based on the way suburban commuters respond.