New Chair Can Make Your Work In A Relaxed Way

We are getting sick of sitting for whole day and do our jobs but there are more problems with the standing desks which are considered to be better. Those who are doing such jobs have to face the problems such as foot pain. While the Treadmill desks are expensive and they are also not the best alternative to the real exercises.

There is a new chair that has been introduced and it will be able to make us work as we dream while lying down.

Altwork Station is made like a dental chair which consists of a desk surface that is adjustable and attached to a long stretch of chair which bends into different positions. For typing, you can either stand or sit or even you can lie down and easily do your work.

You can fix your laptop or monitor to the mental arms without any fear of damage or falling. You can then stick the mouse and keyboard to the inverted desk with the help of magnets.

The explanation of the chair has been given by the cofounder and the CEO of Altwork, Che Voigt. According to him, the chair is made in a way to give you the comfort extremely and it is not a difficult thing to adjust as well. Your body is moved slowly into different positions by holding the buttons given on the desk.

The CEO said that the idea is not to make the users lazy for the entire day rather they will use it to alter their positions easily and more frequently instead of sitting at one place all the time.

He further said that in his opinion, to focus on the work, reclining position is good. You can get rid of the fidget factor can be assisted to get into zone. The best use of the chair is to switch among the siting, standing, leaning and lying down during the entire day.

A prototype of the chair has been sent by Altwork to the ergonomists team and pinched to be as ergonomic as possible. The support is given to the whole leg and back of the arms are provided rest if reclined. The distance of the desk and monitors remain same from your body if the position is altered.

The weight of this office equipment is 210 pounds and you can get it for $5900. A startup named Sonoma in California has been doing the work on this chair since last 5 years. In the mid of the year 2016, the chair will be available for the customers.

The company is also making the unofficial use of the chair to be a tempting one for those people who have the high intensity to use the computers. It is very productive to go vertical entirely and take a power nap.