New Features In Samsung Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge+

Samsung is aiming to give its users slimmer phones with big screens, making them better than the previous models of the phones which have large screens. Now people have the same big screens with slimmer shapes and more processing speeds through new models Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ which are the new updates and addition in the family of giant phones.

The phones are going to be available for the Samsung fans on August 21 in United States. Here are some specifications and qualities of both the phones of which we are making a comparison.

Galaxy S6 Edge+

Note 4 Edge was the one with curve on its side but that was just on one of the sides but S6 Edge consists of curves on both of its sides. The programing of the shortcuts would be similar in the phone to the smaller S6 Edge the access of which is possible with the face of the phone down.

Edge+ has a rear camera of 16 MP with %MP front camera. Phone is given the feature of live streaming by which live HD broadcasting is possible on YouTube or to the contacts. Option for external memory is not present while internal memory is either 32 GB or 64 GB.

Edge had a battery of 2600mAh but Edge+ has been added with a better battery of 3000mAh. Without a contract, the price of the 64 GB phone at AT&T is $915 and at sprint, it is $888. Price with two year contract at AT&T is $400 and at Sprint $450.

Galaxy Note 5

The screen of Note 5 is made equal to Note 4 which 5.7 inches but Note is only 0.3 inch thin and width of the phone is less than 3 inches. Improvement in the front camera is provided in the Note 5 which 5 MP as compared to 3.7 MP front camera of Note 4. You can view the video shot on 4K TV through Note 5, the feature which is also available in Edge+.

Stylus of the Note 5 is updated as well which will let you write on the screen when it is off too. If the battery is compared with Note 4, it would not appreciative as previous one had 3223 mAh battery but Note 5 has 3000mAh battery. Samsung has argued on it and told that the new feature of wireless charging is improved by which now the phone will be fully charged in 2 hours rather than 3.

Price of 64 GB phone with no contract will cost you $840 at AT&T and $820 at Sprint. 32 GB phones can be gotten by paying $100 less than 64 GB in case of both Note 5 and Edge+ phone.