New Filter By The Google To Keep The Robots Away!

Often we read and answer the distorted text while browsing a site or while going to download something or even creating an email ID. So, the distorted text is just to recognize whether you are a human or you are a robot in order to stop the spamming activity. Many times we see a message “Are you a Human?” and right after you are asked to enter a distorted text for the verification. Sometimes that seems very irritating.

So, there is good news for all those who hates this kind of the distorted text check by the Google and thinks that there must be something else or a new kind of security measure rather than this distorted text. The news is that Google is cutting down the blurry numbers & letters combination that was till now used to keep the robots away.

The question may be why? Well, the robots are now starting to figure out the blurry numbers and the characters and that is not a secure way to keep the robots away anymore. According to the Google, the robots are now able to figure out the distorted text even at the 99.8 percent accuracy and that is much to worry about.

Now, whenever you will be buying something from now on, you won’t be seeing that old distorted text in the box because it is no more used by the Google as the security check to keep the robots away. The filter, that is known as the “Captcha” is no more be available as the filter that was irritating for so many people.

From now on, to prove that you are a human, not a robot, you will see a text that will be like, “I’m not a robot” and you will need to check that box rather than writing the old distorted text filter to prove that you are a human.

Vineay Shet, who is the product manager at the Google recaptcha sad that in a blog post.

The advanced analyses are used by this new interface in order to spot the robots – Vineay Shet said.

The activity of the user will be monitored before; during and after the user have checked the box in order to prove that I am not a robot, rather a human.

According to the Vineay Shet, “as a human, we will continue to work in order to keep the internet safe and easy to use while, for the scripts and the abusive bots, it will only get more worse”.

But unfortunately, the new system is still not totally the fool proof. If the new technology is still not capable to make sure that the user is not a human, then it will definitely look for the more hints by offering more “security checkpoints” even including the distorted text.

As far as the early results are concerned, the WordPress, Snapchat and the Humble Bundle who are the early adopters have got the good results those are encouraging so far.