New Microsoft Office Is Free In Small Laptop And Tablets

The biggest hardware and software multinational company Microsoft is coming with more interesting ideas for its laptop and tablet users. For many years, Microsoft is leading on the market against the other software companies. But as they are more reliable and fast software operating system, most people recommend their version on their laptops or tablets.

In an endeavor to link the Apple, Google and other advanced applications, the company has announced its upcoming plan about the new Microsoft Office version with more unique and interesting features on Wednesday. The new version of the MS office is specially designed with more ingenious features. It would be free for the devices which run the Window operating system on the mobile or tablets and which have 10.1 inch or smaller screens.

This has brought the Windows more innovative and effective among the other office softwares. The new Office, which is recently released is compatible for the Android and iOS. Most of its features are free with more advance version, having subscription of Office 365.

The sole purpose of this innovative idea is to expose the Office application for the users of the tablets or Android users. The company focus on the user need to avail this feature on the 10.1 inch screen devices. It is now available for all the devices which run windows operating system. The idea was highlighted after the research report about the number of users who like to use their tablets or other devices in their office work or others and prefer to bring such technology in pockets 24 hours.

According to the VP Kirk Koenigsbauer, Microsoft Corporate:

“Our basic purpose to innovate the Microsoft Office is that devices, having 10.1 inches or less screen size, such a mobile device could easily work on the latest version of this software. It is not practical to handle PC or Mac book everywhere, neither the use of the mouse or keyboard which is an essential part of the laptops, PC or Mac Books could ever be handy everywhere. We prefer to navigate their files or windows through the touch screen interface on their small mobile or tablet devices.”

He further added that freeing of the software as the mobile app, could grab more peoples attention and expose this innovative idea in their minds. With this introduction of the Office and other Microsoft innovative softwares for the mobile users, they could mark their names in the competitive market by broadening the number of mobile users, who are failing to get this software on their mobile phones.

The new idea works, according to the latest download report, as the Office app get free for the mobile users, it received almost more than 80 million downloads within a year.

Microsoft is now working with all the Android manufacturers like Samsung and Dell for the pre-installation of the MS Office app on their upcoming Android devices.

The market is continuously receiving the positive response of the iOS mobile users, they prefer the Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home for the subscription as a premium users.