No Longer Heavy; Dell Note Book And Tablet Taking Attention Of People!

In New York, seductive is not a word that can be used commonly when you think about the Dell Company. But the descriptors prefer to use it when it comes to new Dell XPS 13 notebook that came in front of the public in the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

Dell separately displayed a new tablet that is really attractive and it is claiming to be the world’s thinnest Smartphone with OLED display of 8.4 inches and is quite alluring. It seems like that its perfection challenged to master in perfection with Intel camera. Its camera results let you examine the depth hidden in the photo.

Dell has created a thin, lightest weight and beautifully crafted device that is designed to follow the recent path of the XPS series. It managed to create an ultra book with a display screen of almost 13 inches that is more than the typical display screens of 11 inches.

Dell repeated this progress by shortening the bezel framing even more. It is almost 0.2 inches and is not much noticeable by the people. The real XPS 13 is measured almost 12.4 inches in width and its depth is 8 inches. The latest model is of almost 12 inches and 7.88 deep.

Its cover which is made of carbon and aluminum is really makes the feeling of a system with the Corning’s Protective Gorilla Glass technology. You can say the same way for the solid structure, and is comfortable to be typed.

Dell is having battery of almost 15 hours. Its brightness of screen was set on 40%and the wireless connection was on. A high test was done in this way and brightness increased all the way up and Netflix stream on regularly. The battery was working for almost 6 hours and the scenario could be whole day when you are using it commonly.

The photography opens all the depth of the picture even if it is taken in an awkward situation. Its results are perfect even in low light. In the editing features, just like the one in Lytro cameras, this let you change the focus in a photo. You can also change the blurring effects when you drag the slider on the display screen.

You can manage length by drawing a line between two points in a photo you can also make a four footage by tapping on the screen. Besides facing number of difficulties Dell is continuously providing its new designs in the market.