No More #Discover And #Activity Tabs For The Twitter Users

The second largest and the fastest social website Twitter is now trying to overcome the flaws in their Twitter website. According to the latest news they have decided to kill the #Discover and the #Activity tab from the website. Now the company is planning to adopt a new strategy to ease the user’s life by changing the trending options in the account. The Twitter is always the difficulty and confusing site for the new tweet pies, but with the coming years, it is competing with the Facebook by launching new interesting features for the users in their registered accounts.

With the #discover Tabs, the user could aware the top trending tops on the Twitter, which are posted by using of the hashtags with the topics. The newbies need to adopt the tutorials before using the social site on the website.

With the introduction of the new trending style now the users need to click the right at the top of the window which have magnifying glass icon and could easily access all the trending topics in the country. They could also access the topics by just adding the name with the hashtag in the search bar. The trending list, which are latest on the social site will be displayed in a drop down style. As there are many trends which have less context, abbreviations and hashtags used with the topic, so Twitter has decided to cut short the description of each trend in the list to give an eagle view of all the top trends on the website. This will help to better notice the little descriptions about the certain hashtags.

According to the Product Manager of New York Fashion Week Gabor Cselle:

“As the Twitter used the trends which indicated that the abbreviations without the context, like #NYFW, is not enough to get the true meaning of the hashtag, a little description could able to understand by the user and could be easy for them to understand it is used for the New York Fashion Week trend.”

The new feature and the disappearance of the certain features have some flaws too. Now the users couldn’t check the updates and the activities of the other tweets which they followed. They couldn’t monitor the other person’s posts or sharings and favorites on their news feed in the Twitter. The promotional trends will be appear as the tailored trend on every tweet wall on this social site. The Tailored Trend is the most annoying feature in the latest update of the Twitter account. The users are confused and irked with the certain not followed promotional products, profiles and others in their list of tweets.

The new feature on the website is now available in multiple languages such as English which is mostly spoken and understandable language in the U.S but the Twitter is on a mission to connect all the countries in one platform. It is planning to expand its features in different countries. It would be noticed whether the new feature in the application work worldwide or it would fail the social site reputation.