No Sharing On Twitter Application For The IOS Users

The technology is booming with the coming years, Gone are the days, when people need to send letters to their relatives or friends for their well being. Now everyone is connected with the advancement in the social sites. With the introduction of the Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others people are not only close to their friends, but also with the people around the world. Sharing of information, photos and links are never so easy as now.

The social sites bring innovative and unique changes in their technologies to grab the peoples attention. In a latest news from the twitter, is that now the application is not available for the iOS mobile users. This might be the biggest innovative change in the official social site application which could be unlike by its users, but every change brings more alternate creative ideas for the users.

According to the latest news, now the iOS beta version 8.3, has no option of sharing the content with the Twitter users. The application is not only omitted from the first party app like Safari and Photos but also couldn’t be used from the other third party apps which use their own sheets for the sharing options.

This could consider as a bug on the websites, but it could be expected that they are planning big for their users and trying to put the strategies of the sharing on their own native sharing sheet for their users. With this gigantic change in the Twitter icon on the other applications, you could now upload multiple pictures, gifts or videos from your registered account by simple clicks. You could also tag your friends on the social site to spread your word. Such attractive features are not available for the iOS users of the twitter account.

As the iOS 8 released in the market, the developers of this application are trying to create their own extensions for the sharing of the content on the twitter for such devices which are now not supportive to such sharing options. The greatest mobile device Apple has updated their sharing and uploading feature for the iOS which is built in their gadgets. This could be another mark-up of the Twitter developers to introduce their own extension for the sharing of the user content from their accounts which are registered at the social website. The idea is worth-noticed and attractive to its users. This option could be available after the introduction of the Twitter own extension as a sharing application and enable the iOS user to update their beta version to get activate this Twitter new idea on their devices.

Several readings and the predictions are made on the changes which are made by the Twitter and Apple in their built-in sharing features and other social apps. It could be the reason that the third party clients have to introduce their own apps which could overcome the removal of the important feature from the Twitter and Apple devices by their developers.