No Theaters, No VOD For ‘The Interview’

The plug has been pulled out on “The Interview” by Sony!

According to the reports, the release of “The Interview” has been canceled by the studio on every platform. The comedy movie was about to be released on the Christmas Day by the Sony Entertainment.

Sony released a statement on this Wednesday in which the they stated, “Well, a number of the exhibitors have decided to not show the movie “The Interview” and based on it, we have decided to pull the plug of the movie “The Interview.”

The theatrical release was about to be set on the 25th of this December, but they have now decided not to release the movie because of the different exhibitors have decided not to show “The Interview.”

According to a statement from the Sony Entertainment, “we respect & understand the decisions of our partners and of course, we are going to share completely the supreme interest in the protection of the employees and the theater-goers.”

According to the speculations of a few industry insiders, “The movie may be released by the Sony in a video-on-demand format, although according to the Sony, “there isn’t any sort of plan to release “The Interview” in any kind of format.

According to an executive editor of the Hollywood, Matthew Belloni, “I guess the Sony just wanted to wash their hands from it.”

The Hollywood pushed back right away. The U.S succumbed to an extraordinary attack on the most esteemed, solid rock principal of the free speech by the group of the North Korean terrorists who have threatened to slay the moviegoers just to stop the movie from its release.

The Sony have decided not to show/release “The Interview after the 5 most important theater chains that includes Regal Entertainment and the AMC Entertainment’s announcement in which they said that they are not going to screen the film “The Interview.”

Because of the irresolute support of the movie “The Interview” by the Sony Pictures, also the unclear nature of the any real or the perceived threats, the Regal Entertainment Group has decided that they should delay the opening of the movie “The Interview” in their theaters – according to a statement.

That all began on the night of Tuesday, when the Carmike, that is the 4th biggest cinema chain of the country has decided to call off the planned opening of the movie “The Interview.”

So, the Sony had not at all decided just because they are not in a position to call off the release of the movie “The Interview”. The fact is that there are many exhibitors behind this decision as they are not feeling safe to show the controversial comedy movie “The Interview.”

So, it seems and clear enough that there are the certain threats for the exhibitors from the North Korean terrorists about the release of the comedy movie “The Interview” that has stopped them to show the controversial movie on the screens and that is the main reason behind the Sony’s decision.