Nordstrom Promo Codes and Discounts 2017

Smart shoppers always know how to get the best deals no matter where they are shopping. If you are a loyal Nordstrom shopper then you might enjoy using nordstrom promo code and coupon codes as well as some of the store’s special savings programs to get the most value for your money. Here are some of the best and easiest ways to make your gift giving, wardrobe building budget go as far as possible whether you are shopping online or in stores.

Special Offers

To start, there are the traditional coupons that you can get directly from Nordstroms. Sometimes these are mailed to special customers or are available in local papers or in the stores. For some types of sales the staff may hand out coupons as you walk in. These are often given as a way to say thank you for your patronage. There are other ways to save, though.

Sometimes the store will make special coupon offers via email so it pays to sign up for the email list when it is offered. These coupons can either be printable or just coupon codes that you can use while shopping online. Some 15% off nordstrom promo codes may also come as part of other promotions and may only be available to certain customers, for instance those who have signed up for text alerts. These types of codes are often substantial but have the drawback of only lasting for a brief period of time. You might get a text saying “25% off of select items until 4 pm” and only have an hour or so to get to the store to take advantage of these savings.

There are also clearance sales- which sometimes will allow you to combine a coupon code plus the discounted price to get items at ridiculously low prices. Other coupons may give you free or discounted shipping on items that you have bought online. This is a perfect thing for holiday gift giving as you can have your items shipped directly to the gift recipient’s home for free. This saves you both time and money and makes the whole holiday season a little easier.

Your savings recap:

  • Use coupons, coupon codes and more to save
  • Use discount or free shipping to send gifts to your friends and family and save the time and money.
  • Special codes can be earned just by sharing your email address or cell phone number

Combining Codes, Sales and More for the Biggest Savings: Your Nordstrom Savings Plan

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get a coupon, whether it is directly from the store, through email or regular mail or just a coupon code. Now, it is time to learn how to use those codes and good timing to get the biggest savings. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by joining Nordstrom Rewards. This program allows you to earn money back on everything that you buy and will also get you first line information about upcoming sales events and more. If you know that a sale is coming up then you can gather your reward points, your coupon codes and your smart shopping skills and really save.

If you plan to shop online, time it for the biggest sales of the year and make sure that you have a coupon code for either free or discounted shopping. One of the biggest online shopping days is Cyber Monday which is the Monday after Thanksgiving. If you combine the deals that are listed on that day with the coupons that you have, your Rewards points and free shipping you can get most if not all of your holiday shopping done in one shot, without having to brave the crowds or even change out of your pajamas!

You can also use some of these ideas for shopping in the store as well. If you are able to combine your Nordstrom reward points plus coupons on some of the clearance or marked down items you will see some very good savings.

The Savings Plan recap:

  • Join the Rewards program for big savings and sales event alerts
  • Combine coupons and discounts whenever possible
  • Wait for major sales events for the biggest savings

What Exactly is Nordstroms Rewards?

The Nordstrom reward program is one that allows customer loyalty to earn you “Nordstrom notes”. The more money you spend in the Nordstrom family of stores (including Nordstrom Rack, the deeply discounted outlet store) either in person or online, the more reward points that you can earn. Currently, you will earn two points for every dollar that you spent. Two thousand points equals twenty dollars in Nordstrom Notes. The benefit of this program comes in the many events that will allow you to earn extra points and rewards- including double and triple point events and the personal ten point days. This event lets you choose which day you will earn ten points instead of just two- so that you can time it for your own needs. During certain events new customers will earn extra points just for signing up for the program.

Rewards Recap:

  • Earn points for every dollar you spend
  • Earn double or even triple points during special events during the year
  • Get even more points during personal points days

Requesting Coupons from Nordstrom and Beyond

There are many ways to get coupons and coupon codes both directly from Nordstrom and from third party sites as well. Nordstrom coupons can often be retrieved online, in stores and may even be found in the local newspapers from time to time. Sometimes catalogs or sales circulars will be mailed to select homes and will have a coupon as well. You can also sign up for mobile coupons which come via text message. All that you will need to do this is have a valid cell phone number with text messaging capabilities.

Finally, there are third party sites that will allow you to get valid coupon codes simply by searching through their offerings. Other third party sites allow you to sign up for membership and earn cash back rewards for shopping and buying the things you were already going to buy. The amount you earn back may vary depending on the type of site you are using and other restrictions. Research these sites carefully before you join any of them.
Coupon Request Recap:

  • Sign up for mobile coupons
  • Request coupons from the store itself
  • Check out third party sites for more coupon codes and discounts