Now The New Chrome Will Not Only Be Fast But You It Will Save Your Battery Also

Latest version of the Chrome has been released by Google which is claimed to the faster one and you will be able to save the battery of your laptop too.

Chrome is the browser that is one of the most used in the world but still it is not a perfect browser because the background apps and extensions that Chrome provides its users require huge amount of space from the memory of your laptop and smartphone due to which they get slow in the process and Chrome also needs the power to be consumed from the battery of both computer and phone.

Now, Google is required to address both of the problems for the users in the new update. To solve the problem of speed, the data will be looked which is not being used and just present in the memory of the computer.

Google will remove garbage at the correct time. It has already been gathering the garbage in the past versions of the browser but in the new version, it is going to wait for the loading of the web pages to be finished and they remain entirely idle. After that, the old memory which is unused, will be released.

According to Google, reacting on the stuff and unused memory after waiting will help in the pages to give better and faster performance. Previously, the elimination of the garbage was done randomly even during a video or an animation. If you even notice that the video has stopped for a second, at that time, the browser would have actually been removing the garbage from your computer’s memory.

Now with the help of the latest feature, 10 percent of the memory will be used less that may even be sometimes 45 percent.

Whenever the automatic restoration of the tabs which were being used before closing the browser last time, is desired from you, Google will also do some checking if the memory of your system before you reload your previously closed tabs. By doing this, you will be able to save some of the memory of your computer.

Another feature Chrome has brought for you is the saving of your laptop’s battery. It will consume less amount of battery than it earlier used to do. It will pause the Flash Animations by itself which are not very significant for the running of the website. According to the company, you are going to take benefit of battery saving up to 15 percent.

This percentage has been tested in the lab of Google but regarding the battery of your computer, various factors will be involved in it for example the operating system you are using or the flash content that has been visited by you.

Google has announced that the new feature is going to be available for every user very soon. Although, the update is not a new thing and they come after around every six months but this time, you will find it good one and the news will prove to be good for you as well.