Now You Will Find Apple At A Food Truck

Technology has been growing and making things easier for us. Latest example of that is the new and simple way for paying when the place is not an issue for you. Now, you just need your credit card and at some rare places where you might not be able to pay, your credit card will help you, whether it is flea market or taco truck.

The time is not far when watch and smartphone payments will also be working as Google Wallet and Apple Pay do.

This September, the first gadget for mobile payments will be available in United Stated that is PayAnywhere. A device that can be obtained for $39.95 will plug into iPads and iPhones by which payments can be accepted by all the atypical businesses like contractors, food stalls and galleries via Apple Pay.

The device called dongle will be accessible only at the Apple Store and currently it will be connected with the devices with iOS only. This is going to be better than Apple Pay as the credit card payments will also be accepted by it.

Vice president of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey had the demonstration of the newly created device and for the lunch of few reporters, the tab was picked up. She waved an iPhone 6 and Apple Watch before the iPad that was equipped with PayAnywhere. This happened at Lil Burma which is a food truck present in San Francisco.

PayAnywhere is given a more chunky shape as compared to the mobile card readers which were of the first generation. The size of this latest device is 2 inches by 2 inches and the way to use it is by connecting it with the audio jack of a tablet or a smartphone.

Why the size of the device is made large?

It was required from this latest technology to be bigger in size because it should have wide space that should be enough for the credit card to be fit and bigger shell is required by the NFC antenna. Now chips are introduced to be used in the new credit cards that are required to be slipped in to the reader and left to be hung out there for some time and wait for the completion of the transaction.

Competitors are also there in the market who are showing their strength as well. Square which is a big name with its universal card reader white in color, is plugged into tablets and smartphones. Now Square has claimed to have the upcoming reader that will not require to get plugged into a mobile device.