“Old Is Gold” The Facebook New Idea Of Advertisement Campaign

The Facebook is convincing the marketers to make the fortunes which is another innovative way to grab the customers through the ad which is old-fashioned. It means now the marketers need not to post their brands or products campaign online through this social site, but to adopt the formats of the television and the billboards. The marketers are convinced by the Facebook to change their idea of the advertisement to the old budget. In the old days, when promotional campaign is much more attractive on the billboards and the brochures which were distributed at their customer’s doorstep, but with the launching of the social website, Facebook, it adopts new ways to advertise the products in the world. The process is convincing, but only a few users who have access to the internet could be aware of such ads.

In last February, Facebook has started its new campaign in the country like the United Kingdom. The main purpose of the campaign is to new ad should appear on the Underground London and on the most watched Tv channels to attract the people.

According to the data shared by the Nielsen, through this ad campaign the Facebook successfully earned more than £6m which is telecasted on the traditional media in the United Kingdom. If such ad campaigns continue it will reach more than £16,000 in the next coming years which would be more than the previous record of the Facebook earned profit on campaigns.

While that expense is very less, if it is observed according to the annual revenue of the social site like a Facebook which is $12.4bn according to the UK advertising market. This is another unique approach of the company which is highlighted.

The consultant Slik Media, Neil Spencer, said

“It was unexpected that Facebook, which always desired to convince the brands to start their ads on this efficient platform which is more effective than any other traditional media, is convinced to use a mass medium which has lots of wastage while using for the promotional activity. On one side, it is largest social website and on the other hand, it need promotion of themselves through the brand ad campaigns”.

With this boom of changing the trend of the online advertisements on the Facebook platform, the social site declined to expose the important details about the strategic tips for the ad campaign. They give an opinion that the ads just “celebrate” the beautiful bonds that people share on this website with each other and the strong relationship which enrich through this biggest platform whether on or off on the Facebook.

The Exterion Media C.E, Mr Shaun Gregory,who already delivered an idea of delivering the advertising on the London Underground, said that Facebook already invested biggest amount of cash in the home advertising. This is to build a brand and also establish a strong trust with the company consumers. According to him, in coming years, Facebook would become the major advertiser in the market whose ad campaigns would be much attractive and powerful enough to attract the on and off the consumers around the world.