One Day A Robot Will Be Your Chef!

In our each day of life we make many automatic things then why not cooking? This is the main goal of Sereneti. The first step for this purpose is first step is making Of Cooki that is an automatic cooking Machine that the firm is creating as a Keurig for food.

A user of the robot can select the recipe from the food application that is joined to it and the remaining task is of the robot. The recipe ingredients are added by the robot that cooks and stirs, turns and mix, or it uses its robotic arms used for the processing. There is a pan with the Cooki that is used for the cooking by the robot and sets it according to the temperature.

The New Year in the consumers electronics show for the first time this robot came in front of people. The president of Sereneti used the application so that he can order the unit to make noodles for serving. The robot went through different steps of cooking, adding, mixing, stirring, adding base then stirring more etc.

The demo of this robot used a fairly quick and simple recipe, but Chen made Cooki to be able to follow all instructions of cooking and directions that it gets from the food application.

There are many useful aspects of having a robot for cooking. Is you are hungry but too lazy to cook, planning of getting takeouts or to use frozen food as a skip, then of course there are disadvantages of all these kinds of foods. At this time the Cooki robot can provide you the best food without any struggle from your side. As Cooki follows the recipes as it is, thats why it also gives the best food.

Serenti has a lot of experimentation to do before this cooking robot will come in front of public. The first step of this robot will be having the basics but gradually Chen is having bigger plans for the future.