Passports May Be Compulsory To Fly Now

From the next year, passports might be necessary for the Americans even to fly domestically. Few years back, when the sticker standards were issued by the government of the United States of state-issued IDs that included the driving license, there were 4 states which did not comply with the order of the government. The states include Minnesota, Louisiana, New York and New Hampshire.

The authorities had given the deadline to upgrade till 2016. In case, the upgrading of the ID systems is not done by these 4 states by the deadline, then the residents of these states will be demanded to keep the passport by the TSA instead of driving licenses for the boarding of their flights. The government records of licensing shows that so far, around 9.5 million licenses have been issued.

Probably there will be few people who will have an impact over them in case of any action by the states. There has been a request of extension from the states as well but Minnesota will not be able to get any such favor.

The residents of Minnesota are not going to be allowed from January 2016 for the boarding of the aircrafts that are federally regulated by the Minnesota ID card or driver license.

2 states were given the waiver for temporary period and now the amendments in the laws are being done to make the new cards and make them available for the public. The enforcement of the stickers ID standards has already been started and the licensing officials of New Hampshire told that the federal buildings have turned away their licenses in Washington.

Now the $135 passport books and $55 passport cards will be considered as valid by the TSA.

When the law was being passed, the states were scared the making of new IDs will create the database of the residents and it will be used by the federal government to spy on the citizens. There was another fear that special computer chips will be included in the cards for the transmission of the wireless data and resultantly the exposure of the personal data to the hackers will be more. Such things were becoming the causes for the states to refuse to comply with that.

New York and Louisiana have showed the willingness to adopt these standards made by the government. An enhanced driving license has been offered by the state of New York due to which the state was granted waiver and people can fly by using the drivers license for the time being.

Citizens of Minnesota will have to keep the passports for domestic flights while Louisiana has been given extension till October 10th, 2016. The waiver given to the New Hampshire will be till June 1st, 2016.