Passwords of 10,000 Routers Have Been Changed By A Hacker

The Wi-Fi routers which people do not protect with a password are being hacked by somebody and by this act, they are being urged to protect their routers. If your Wi-Fi at home is still at a default password, then you must change it as a myth has been created by the hacker that unprotected communication media are left by these default passwords. These forces are required to be closed.

Experts are calling it a work of a hacker vigilante that has some positive intentions. Although it is illegal but the work he is doing may be useful. Researchers from Symantec have told about the software that is named as “IfWatch”. Val Saengphaibul who is the Symantec threat intelligence officer has confirmed that till now, no malicious movement has been seen from the vigilante but the act cannot be considered as a legal one because to get access of someone’s computer system without taking the permission of the owner is an illegal activity.

The hacker has grassed into more than 10,000 devices so far that are connected to the internet which are Wi-Fi routers. It was last year when first time Ifwatch came in front of every one and the reason was that there was something funky speckled in a Wi-Fi router at a home.

Ifwatch is seemed to be attractive as it is ready to help you by killing the malware that is present in your router. You can also receive the updates for your device automatically which assist the device to tackle the viruses present in your computer. Sometimes, depending on the malware and its intensity, the devices may be urged to reboot once a week so that it may leave away entirely and completely.

Along with the positive points, Ifwatch has some negative points as well and researchers explained that there is surety that the program acts in favor of the person only. The program can actually do the screening of everything that happens within your router and it can be captured as well.

This means the software can spy on you and when you are thinking about changing your password, you may not believe that is it actually safe or not as you will never feel protected in entering our new password when you know that you have been kept an eye on.

The exact intention of the vigilante is yet unknown but it can be considered from the signs that the objective is to bring improvements in the privacy of everyone.

There is a hidden message in the program as well which is for the FBI and NSA, any agent who read this message must consider the Snowden’s example when the concern is to defend the U.S Constitution.