Play Store: Google Has Expended The Refund Time For The Apps!

Good news for all Android users! Google has decided to extend the refund time for all the paid apps available at the Google Play Store. That means that the users are now permitted to change their mind after buying an app at the Google Play Store for relatively longer period of time after their purchase.

The change has been made and the users were allowed to make up their mind within 2 hours of the purchase time, whether they are going to use the app or they are going to get it refunded. The refund time was only 15 minutes before the new change and after the new change, the Android users are much happier because now they will have the time to test the app properly.

A new option “Refund” can now be found next to the “Open” button after you buy and installed the app on your Android phone or tablet. The “Refund” option will be made visible to the users up to the next 120 minutes from the time of purchase.

After this new development by the Google, the users will now be able to test the app to check whether it is good enough or not to fulfill their requirements.

This is just a great development made for the Android users by the Google and now, after buying and installing the app, if the app is not fulfilling the user expectations or not up to the standards, then the users can just cancel the purchase.

After the period of 2 hours from the purchase time, the “Refund” option will be replaced by “Uninstall” option. So, the user has to use the “Refund” option within 120 minutes of the purchase in order to get it refunded.

An intelligent system has been implemented by the Google as a measure of protection against such users who will like to abuse this function. Like, there will be some users who will buy it and refund it again and again before the 120 minutes of purchase to use it again and again for free.

Google has made a restriction to guard against such users and that is, when someone will buy and install an app and he have refunded it before 120 minutes of the purchase, then he won’t be able to see the “Refund” option next time whenever he will buy the same app. This seems quite a good restriction and it will definitely bring positive results. However, there may still be some users who will buy apps to use them just for 120 minutes or less.

Right now, the Google Play Store is the only mobile platform from where users are allowed to purchase and refund the apps or the content by an automated system. The App Store and the Windows Store also offer a refund option but to refund the content, the users have to get in touch with the customer services department.

In addition, the free apps, including paid content are not listed as the “Free” on the Play Store anymore and they can be installed with just a single click on the “Install” button.