Pre-Orders Open For Platinum And Gold Plated iPhone 6

Even before iPhone confirms iPhone 6, one reputable retailer has started taking down payment for the enhanced version of an upcoming handset-gold and platinum iPhone 6. Luxury-tech-modder Brikk has started accepting pre-orders for iPhone 6 handsets which are coated in platinum, gold and other precious metals.

For example, the website is listing a 128GB-iPhone 6   which is covered in 24 karat- yellow gold and which has an Apple logo encrusted in diamond lists the price at $8395. The site further reads that” the lux-iPhone 9 will be released either in September or October” therefore touting an estimation that is based on more than just speculation. While this price may remain a little scary for many,

The site further states “ if you are interested in acquiring one of the premium-blowers, then you will require to make a down deposit of at least $500. “Once the iPhone is released officially, the deposit which you have made will be deducted from the value of the gadget”.

The website further states that all these devices are assembled and polished by hand at the Brikk lab which is located in Los Angeles. The firm is providing assurance to the customers that the device will be brand new and has OEM certifications. However, according to Chris Small, a tech blogger, this will just remain a promise to customers and it may be time to adopt a wait and see attitude.

However, Brikk seems to be hedging its bet just by promising the bedazzling version 4.7 of the iPhone 6 and without stating a word on the much rumored and hyped 5.5 model. The retailer also put in the following disclaimer” Lux iPhone will get shipped to consumers within 4 weeks after the official release date. Information, images and specifications cannot be guaranteed and may be subject of change based on the actual release of the iPhone 6 by the Apple Corporation.

According to the website, each of these handsets will be GSM unlocked and can be used all over the world. It also says that one year Brikk warranty will apply on all these products. What we aren’t sure is whether or not the plating may void the warranty that is provided by Apple on all its gadgets.

The store further adds that the smart phones will be shipped to respective buyers in a custom made box which has the well known Apple trimmings, together with a certificate of authenticity.