Privaris Has Almost Sold All Of Its Patents To Apple

A new development has been done by Privaris, a Charlottesville, Virginia, based startup regarding some fascinating fingerprint-scanning technology. This startup works with the help of tiny fingerprints readers which are attached to the key chain of the user. After the invention, Privarishas transferred the patents of this new technology to Apple. Number of transferred patents is 26 out of 31 and there are still some patents with the Privaris which could be more beneficial for the iPhone TouchID sensor.

Use of the technology

One of the patents of Privaris can allow the users to use the touch screen and fingerprint reader together. More inventions of Privaris related to fingerprint include an interesting thing with the help of which a door can be opened with a scan of your fingerprint on your iPhone and phone is held up to a reader.

Privaris has its most of the patents for the technology of fingerprint and touch screen. This technology will provide help in the making of transactions, controlling of machines and making a back-up for personal data.

Still, no one is aware of the fact that what Apple is going to do after buying patents of this technology. Apple is known for such acts of buying the patents and licenses of intellectual properties but after that it is always found to be of no use to it.

Nature of Apple

It has been seen that whenever Apple buys small companies it does not disclose it. Founder of SmartUp, Mikhail Avady was the first one who found that Apple has acquired the patents of Privaris’ fingerprints scanning technology. Smart Up is the company which is involved in giving legal advices to startups. According to Mikhail Avady, founders of Privaris have still not changed their profiles to Apple which would mean that the deal between Apple and Privaris is going on and has not finished yet. Either the execution of the deal is yet to be done or Privaris is not publicizing this deal similar to what to what Apple typically does.

Funding has been increased to $29 million by Privaris. The products of Privaris have been successful and are being used to unlock the doors. On the other hand it has made the security for logging into computer with the inclusion of more covering of security for an RSA Secure ID token. It has been added before you log into a computer.

This is not the first time that Privaris has sold its patents to some company. It did that in 2012 by selling four of its patents of ‘smart card’ to the company called ‘1Perfecld’.

Among the original patents of Privaris which were 31 in number, it only possesses one patent now. Rests of the patents have been sold.