Purchase Pack Of 6 Amazon Tablets In The Price Of 5

The demand of tablet is still healthy and keeping in consideration that fact, Amazon has decided to fulfil the need of the customers and it has launched tablet with 7-inch screen of $50 only which means that the focus was on making a device that is inexpensive.

The company has also been offering the tablet in the pack of six. You can now purchase 6 tablets at the cost of 5 i-e $250. The purpose behind this is made to keep 2 of them in your car, 1 by your bed, 1 in bathroom, 1 can be stuck on fridge to use for recipes and 1 can be hanged on your wall and use it for photos.

The market is full of numerous Android tablets that are cheap and unattractive but Amazon says that it has made a much better thing with less price. Amazon is offering 1.3 GHz processor with 8 GB storage and a slot for SD card in case of more space requirement. Both back and front cameras are also available. Moreover, IPD display of high quality is added within the low price.

This week the announcement was done by the company about the Fire TV to bring updates in the devices and this new tablet. Amazon has launched the new Fire TV set-top box for $100 which supports 4K video and the latest version of Fire TV Stick of Amazon for $50.

Amazon’s Fire TV lets you give commands now and listens to what you speak similar to the Apple TV. The products are working with the Alexa voice assistant. You can ask your Amazon Fire TV to show you the movies by telling it the names of the actors. You can also ask it to tell you about the weather or any other information or it can take you to the sports channels as well.

New tablets of Amazon have an 8-inch Fire HD for $150, 10-inch Fire HD for $230 and also an edition of the tablet for kids has been made that can be purchased for $100. All of the tablets are claimed to be durable and the Kids edition is ranked as the best. A colorful bumper case is given along with it and a replacement guarantee for the two years if your kids are able to break it.

Operating system to run the latest versions of the tablets is Fire OS 5. Apart from the improvements in the performance and design, Word Runner, an older feature is made the part of OS 5. You will be shown a single word at a time through the speed reading tool on your screen. You will be able to read with more pace through it and also you can make reading comprehension better.