Ray McDonald Posted Bail $25k To County Jail

Ray McDonald, the football defensive end for the 49ers is well known for his 130+ tackles, 13.0 quarterback sacks and also best known as the son of the late Ray McDonald Sr. of the Florida Gators. It’s a known fact that Ray Jr. happens to be one of NFL’s friendliest defensive ends, but on Monday the 1st of September, 2014, that all changed as news broke of police arresting Ray for felony domestic violence. This came as a shock to everyone, both family and friends of Ray as well as fans. Ray posted bail of $25k and was released from Santa Clara County Jail after officers took him on probable cause.

No statements regarding the arrest were made but Ray did mention that the truth would get out, that he’s a good-hearted person as many know, and that everyone knows the kind of person he is. McDonald’s last run in with bad publicity came after a headshot against the St. Louis Rams which nailed him a $21,000 fine. Now with the arrest and felony domestic violence charges, the NFL will be looking closely at possible lash backs. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has openly stated that he will be cracking down and be tough on domestic violence as it related to members of his team, so this for Ray is only the start of what may possibly be a season full of fines and punishments, not to mention legal woes if proven guilty.

Further reports shed light on who the victim of Ray McDonald’s domestic violence charge could have been. As DamianTrujillo announced from EFCA sources, the victim was in fact pregnant, which only adds fuel to the already raging fire. This isn’t Ray’s first brush-in with the law, the 29year old was arrested back in 2010 for being drunk under the influence, and later arrested in 2012 for multiple outstanding warrants. 49ers General Manager T. Baalke announced in a statement Sunday that they are aware of the recent reports and allegations with regards to Ray McDonald and that they take domestic violence issues very seriously. He later went on to state that until they gather up more facts and build a clear understanding of what exactly happened, a decision as to what should be done will be reserved.

49er players have in the past been approached by the team’s owner, managers and other representatives. Jim Harbaugh has even told the team players that he has a zero tolerance towards assaulting women, or any domestic violence of the sorts. He has even gone as far as stating if a player were to put their hand on a woman, they’d be called off the team, no questions asked. While it’s reassuring to know that the team’s management feels strongly towards the issue of domestic violence, it will be curious to see how the Ray McDonald scenario will play out. As for his fans and close family, Ray is known as an outstanding member of the community, one who regularly attends charity events and has been known to hold women with a high regard.