Reason Of The Explosion In Spacex Rocket

SpaceX had to face the explosion of its rocket just after few minutes when it was launched. The reasons behind this explosion were not known which have been disclosed now by the CEO of the company Elon Musk. According to him, this failure happened because a two feet long metal which is called strut.

Strut had the function of holding a tank of helium in the rocket which was not done well by it and could not hold the task due to which tank crashed. Crashing of tank led to the gas leakage and an explosion occurred due to oxygen pressure. This explosion has caused the company a big loss of hundreds of millions of dollars and that is why no mission has been launched by SpaceX since then.

Elon Musk said an important thing when told about the cause of the explosion that the company was relaxed from the past few years and very confident of its operations but this incident has taught them a meaningful lesson as well.

Musk explained about the Strut that this part of spaceship has not been made by SpaceX itself rather is the creation of another company and SpaceX did not test it before using it in the launching process of the rocket because that was approved by a third party to perform the function for which it had been made.

Names of the companies which made the metal part and which approved that were refused to be announced by Elon Musk but a positive message was given by him that the company will move to a new supplier of the strut and instead of certification from another company, SpaceX will test the part itself.

SpaceX has created many successful stories in the past years. The company had a contract of $1.6 billion with NASA for the last 4 years for the supply of ISS crew. The flight which exploded was unmanned but the loss of two tons of equipment had to be borne by the company.

Elon Musk has the credit to his name of having the spaceship which was first ever commercial vehicle to travel to the space station. A good successful record of the company ensures that despite of the incident and the loss occurred due to it, SpaceX will be able to carry on the contract with the NASA as it has the investment of $5 billion in SpaceX.