Reason Why The Facebook Has Not Added A “Dislike” Option!

Have you ever seen a post at the Facebook that has a “Dislike” button? Of course, you can’t say yes. Well, the question may be why the Facebook has not yet added that “Dislike” button/option like the “like” option/button that you can use for the status updates or the pictures on your or other’s timelines.

According to the Facebook Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg, “The Facebook has decided to add that “Dislike” option/button, but at the end, we have decided not to add that option and stick with only the “Like” button/option.

The CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “I think the voting mechanism about either the posts are good or the bad is not the right thing at all that should be in the considerations and of course, this thing is not at all good in order to help the people go halves the significant moments of their lives.

The Facebook Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg also said that they are also exploring the other ways that can cover the areas where the “Like” option/button might not look appropriate. The area of concerns that might have pushed them to explore some alternates to the existing “Like” option/button might be like the sad events of the life where if someone is going to like that update, then it might not be the appropriate thing.

If there is a sad status update from a friend, and then almost everyone will think that probably liking that status is like sharing his sympathy with the friend and that is perceived as the only important way to express their care for the one. But, it might not be the appropriate response for the sad events I guess!

The Facebook Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg said that by liking the sad status of a friend, the user might find it the most appropriate way to share his sympathy with the friend.

He also said that by giving the people the chance to use more emotions and options to response to a variety of the status updates will help a lot, but it must be figured out before launching such options because we will want to offer something that is good for the users instead of something that might not prove helpful to the Facebook users.

So, that was the reason why the Facebook has not yet included a “Dislike” button/option until now and why it is so important for the Facebook to offer something new that can fill the gap and offer the users more emotions and the ways to respond to the variety of different status updates with the most appropriate response.

Facebook is clearly thinking of the new ways and the options to do it perfectly in order to offer the power to the Facebook users to respond to a post in the most appropriate and right way. So, for all the Facebook users, they are soon going to get the new updates from the Facebook and they will get the new options soon!