Reasons To Love And Buy The New iPhone 6

Apple unveiled the latest iPhones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, last Tuesday. The smartphones will be on sale on September 19. If you’re planning to buy a new phone and still can’t decide if you’ve had enough with Apple’s offerings or if you’re just waiting for an excuse to love iPhone 6, here are reasons that could make you want to order the new iPhone on September 12.

Loved the original iPhone?

If you’re feeling nostalgic about the original iPhone, the one that was first released in 2007 (not too long ago, if you think about it), both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are built like the original frame – with a half-curved edge. The new iPhones are designed as continuous and seamless, in that the cover glass meets the back without any difference.

According to Apple, with iPhone 6’s thickness of 0.27 inches and iPhone 6 Plus’ thickness of 0.28, these two phones are the thinnest iPhones to date. iPhone 5S is just slightly thicker at 0.30 inches, as if people really do mind those hundredths of an inch.

Faster Processors

The new iPhones are powered by the A8 chip with has 2 billion transistors and Apple’s second generation 64-bit offering. This makes the phones some of the fastest smartphones today that process power up to 25% and has 50% faster graphics.

Battery Life Slightly Improved

With larger battery, iPhone 6 Plus can do 80 hours of audio, that’s 20 more hours than iPhone 6’s 60 and 30 more than iPhone 5S’ 50. It can also do up to 14hour-worth of videos (3 hours more than iPhone 6 and 4 hours more than 5S. It’s also significantly better than iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S in terms of talk time, standby, and when browsing over 3G, LTE, and WiFi.

Paying for Items Using Your Phone

Apple also launched Apple Pay, its own payment system for mobile. You no longer have to bring cash or credit cards the next time you visit a store. The company paired the phones’ NFC antenna with its Touch ID fingerprint sensor. When purchasing an item, you just have to hold your phone over a sensor and finger the Touch ID button to complete the transaction. This service is supported by American Express, Visa, and MasterCard, according to Apple.

Plenty of Storage

Older iPhones have different storages from 16GB to 32GB and to 64GB. The new iPhones will jump from 16GB to 64GB and then 128GB. Recent iPhones and the new ones have a $100 price interval but with the new iPhones, you’ll be getting an extra 32GB from the midrange model for the same comparative price, and extra 64GB from the high-end model.

There are more reasons to love the new iPhones such as its higher-resolution displays, unique landscape view for the iPhone 6 Plus that adds more functionalities, and more new tech tweaks like to the cameras where M8 motion coprocessor is used, and an option to make WiFi calls when your phone’s signal is weak.