Rebuttals From Amazon To Put Away The Blame Of Brutal Treatment With The Employees

One hundred employees of Amazon both former and current were interviewed recently and the culture of the company came in front of everyone according to which the company is treating its employees brutally and disgracefully. This allegation is being bow defended by the CEO Jeff Bezos and other representatives of the company and they said that there is no such thing in the company with the employees of which it has been accused. There is no expulsion of employees on regular basis in the company.

Bezos said that the article in which blame has been put on the company does not have the correct depiction of the company. According to him, if a company has the kind of culture which is defined in the article, that would not be even appreciated by him and he would never stay to work in such environment.

There were almost 100 workers which included former as well as existing. They portrayed the picture in a negative way. In actual, the competition is so tough that companies cannot afford to keep such behavior with its employees so it is necessary for them not to lose their talented workers which can only be possible by showing that the corporate culture of the tech companies to be a positive one.

Bezos asked his worker that if there is any case of misbehaving from the management of the company, then they are required to keep him aware of that by reporting him directly. The disgrace of its employees will not be tolerated by the company.

Either the employees facing deplorable attitude from the management should email to Bezos at [email protected] or they can go straight to HR and tell them the entire story.

Infrastructure Development Head of Amazon, Nick Ciubotariu has also showed his presence in the matter and he said that he is very proud to be an Amazonian and talked about the mistakes of the news which put the accusation on the company.

He gave a big statement that if Amazon had such issues which are told in the article, he would have been the one to leave the company and told about it publically.

He further said that the writer company has not accused any company first time, but there are more examples in which it has fulminated lot about the persons with talent but besides that it is its nature to criticize the companies where they work. Same was the case of Amazon against whom it has made a story.

Ciubotariu said “Our focus is on hiring of the employees who are brilliant and talented so that work should be done through them in better manner.