Researchers Are Sure Of Rigging In The Election Of 2016

Google has the ability to manipulate the results of its search which can be used to change the results of the election coming in the next year as well. So, it can be said that the decision of the upcoming election can be made by Google.

Google is the search engine which is used by most of the people and it makes it a strong search engine. Elections can be dependent on this search engine in a way that if a small pinch of algorithms is made which are secretly controlled in the Google, the entire election of 2016 could be fluctuated. This has been told by the senior research psychologist, Robert Epstein, with the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology.

Epstein said that he along with his team of researchers have analyzed the behavior of voters who are unclear and undecided, they have been shown some search results that were rigged. The view of the researchers can be altered towards a particular candidate by illuminating his qualities in a way to favor him.

During a period of only fifteen minutes, the candidate for whom the researcher was in favor ofby only 37 percent got the increase in his favorability rating to 63 percent. The study had 4500 voters with undecided behavior in India and USA.

A spokesperson on behalf of Google cleared that the design of this algorithm for Google is made only to give appropriate and significant answers and if the company tends to rig the results in favor of one person by spoiling the other’s, then people would not believe in the company and its operations anymore. No trust would remain in the results produced by Google.

Epstein was not happy with the way Google responded and said that how is it possible that the favor to one candidate will not be done in search ratings. The possibility of rigging cannot be discarded by saying “relevant answers”.

The suggestions also come from the research that Google had the hold on the elections of 2012 if we consider the winning percentage of President Obama who exceeded by only 3.9 percent.

Epstein who believe that the 2016 election would face some fluctuating actions but the rigging is expected not only from Google but also Western Union has been pointed by him because it tried to swing the Presidential election of 1876 in favor of Rutherford B. Hayes

That was the closest election in the history of United States when Western Union through its telegraph network guaranteed only the stories that were encouraging and helpful for their favored candidate.

According to Epstein, an average of the adjustments made by Google in the algorithm is above one per day and it is going to be very easy for the Google to swing the results of this election.