Ringly Gave A Modern Look To Staying Connected!

When you are at work and you miss an important e-mail or a message, it is sometimes really upsetting and if you are continuously keeping a grip on a glowing screen, it can distract you and it is rude as well.

This is the problem that made up the mind of Christina Mercando who is the creator and CEO of the brand Ringly to do its invention of a piece of jewelry that can allow the users to enjoy the important moments without any tension of missing the notification.

The unique and stylish silver ring by Ringly, having a rectangular shaped gemstone, is a personal secretary on your finger that alerts the users through vibration and glow of light when they are expecting a notification.

The founder of Ringly Mercando said that she was just getting the nagging feeling that all the people she knew were having the same problem and it needs to be sorted. What if she could create a piece of jewelry and turn it into smart one. It was a unique idea that anyone could get excited by hearing it.

As a manager of a jewelry company she said that the women are quite interested in the usage of technology in their jewelry but not all the products provide the same level of satisfaction as her company.

The use of technology in jewelry is becoming famous by each passing day but not all the wearable fulfill their level of satisfaction and people are still turned off by many products like the watch introduced by apple.

Everyone is quite excited to get this ring that is introduced by ringly and they like it even if they are not using its feature of technology as it is a great piece of art and make your hand look perfect for the people who are looking at it.