Samsung’s T1 Ssd May Be A Photographer’s Relief

Samsung declared lots of wonderful new gadgets at CES this year, from jumbo wiggly televisions to attractive ovate speakers, however one product above all nabbed our attention: the Samsung transportable SSD T1 (MSRP: $179.99–$599.99).

Whereas nonvolatile storage is not the most fun product class within the world, this small TB grabbed our attention and would not be dropping.

The specs are straightforward as you like: smaller than a card, consideration much nothing, the T1 SSD is comes in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB sizes, beginning at beneath $200. Whereas there are cheaper drives that supply similar levels of storage, the T1 is that the excellent answer for increasing your capability while not being weighed down in the slightest degree.

Got associate ultraportable laptop computer that you simply use for writing on the go? A TB of sturdy, light-weight storage is nothing to scoff at. And with USB three.0 compatibility and implausibly quick internals, we tend to simply had to require one for a test-drive to visualize however it delayed.

Coming in at smaller than a card, the T1 solely weighs an oz and might simply slip into a shirt pocket or camera bag. it is so light-weight that you’re going to most likely suppose it’s hollow the primary time you decide it up, as it’s barely larger than a Compact Flash card.

The small recorder is formed from 2 contrastive pieces–an unsmooth black body with the Samsung emblem, and a power tool, reflective plastic head that homes the USB three.0 connection port. That’s just about it. There aren’t any frills or fancy options here, and instead, the T1 depends on what’s beneath the hood to impress patrons.

As declared higher than, it comes in 3 completely different storage sizes starting from 250GB up to 1TB, with no size distinction between them. All 3 believe Samsung’s proprietary 3D V-NAND technology, promising quicker speeds than even the SSDs found within most laptops.

It’s just like the school that powers Samsung’s new EVO 850 professional 1TB drive, except during a smaller type issue and with a regular USB port rather than a SATA connection. That leads to slightly slower read/write speeds, however it will work with a regular cable you will have already got in your bag.

We place it through its paces during a sort of ways in which, to visualize however it may aid a creative person in would like of a fast, light-weight, and transportable answer that additional house while not compromising on speed and potency.

To begin with, we tend to used 233 full-sized photos (about 2GB) and had Photoshop’s batch perform rename the files, size the pictures, convert them to JPEG top quality, perform some fast automatic fix choices (auto levels, motor vehicle distinction, auto color, and sharpen), and at last add satiny low watermark within the bottom left of every icon.

We did this on each the transportable drive and also the drive during a mid-2013 Macbook Air. The Air handled the whole method in thirteen minutes, whereas mistreatment the T1 knocked that all the way down to simply twelve minutes. it’d not seem to be a large distinction, however once you think about the T1 operated utterly off the USB three.0 cable it’s far more spectacular.

For the proper creative person, within the right circumstances, that might be definitely worth the more money. Either way, our testing is clear: SSDs ought to get on each photographer’s wish list in 2015.