School Spends Grant On Technology But The Idea Of This Form Of Teaching Is Not Universally Welcomed

It seems that schools are now concentrating less on providing pens and paper for their pupils, but looking to gadgets and electronic equipment to help them through the day. This is certainly the case is Albany N.Y as this is exactly what the North Colonie District School has done in preparation to the start of the new school year.

It seems that in this school at least the pupils will not have to sit through hours of power point presentations in order to learn the subject, but can instead use individual tablets to get all the information they need. It seems that the school believes that this is the way forward when it comes to education as they are planning further purchases of digital notebooks to enable more students to learn this way. The Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Kathleen Skeals has spoken about what the school is doing and believes that “The idea now is to have a much more mobile lab.” The idea is that it is going to save time and mean students don’t have to go to a special room to learn certain subjects.

This is something that is bound to please the pupils as they will see this as a much better way forward, but not all people have been as impressed with the plans. Since the story first broke, comments have been left and it was clear that subscribers are not pleased with what they are reading.

The concerns were around the cost of the equipment and the fact that it would soon be out of date. Another pointed out that without technology the children would be lost and not at all equipped to deal with everyday life, while another was more straightforward saying “Wait…so we have now equipped these little monsters with electronic toys..because apparently our education system doesn’t work.

The school reports that the project began thanks to a $50,000 grant that they received but this has now grown to $75,000 so it is clear that this way of learning is here to stay in this particular school. The school believes that thanks to the money they have received they will be able to use the gadgets to teach programs.

The final remark has been left to Skeals and she further justified the spending by saying “Everything now is web based so teachers can find apps. One group can work on this app the other work on another app,”