Search Through Bing And Get Lucky With Amazing Rewards

Bing is the optimized search engine on the internet which is more effective and faster than the Google search. The search engine was introduced by the Microsoft by Steve Ballmer in 2009.

Bonus Points

With the use of this search engine, the registered user could get the bonus points at every search. They need to sign in before starting the web search. The account could also get points if you refer this to your family and friends. The user needs to share their profile link of the website with their family and friends and when they sign up with that share link, the user will get a special point on its account. The link could send through emails of the other users.

Credit Counter

By looking at the website special credit counter, the user could check the special points on its account on the website. The points could redeem in 10 days to earn more special points with web search.

How to Get Lucky

  • Click on the link
  • As the website appears now click on the medal icon which is for rewards. It will open the drop down menu which contains Sign up option.
  • If you have already have accounts on the website then simply click on the Already Sign in account option to earn your points.
  • If you are not a member of this search account then skip the step 3 and click on the Join rewards button as it is free.
  • A window will appear, which contains special points of your registered account. Click on the Try it now Free to move towards the next window. Tick the agreement checkbox before start your process.
  • An MS email program will open, now enter your registered email address and password in the given field to start earning your points with sign in with this email program. You can also sign in with your Facebook account to get lucky with a registered account.
  • After completing the sign in process with the official account, now user could use a search engine through the website toolbar and the bonus points would be added to the user account.

The user should have a bing account and before start using the search engine, they should be signed in with the account to earn the points.