Security Concerns Over Facebook: Mps Warn That The Facebook Can Directly Gain Access To Your Mobile Phones And Take The Pictures/Videos At Any Time

The MPs warns that the Facebook can directly gain access to your mobile phones and can take the pictures/videos. They tried to take the attention of the Government by asking them to draw new guidelines for the websites and the mobile apps to clearly explain how to use their personal data and the warnings about the laws those are needed if the company fails to fulfill.

Without the user’s permission, the Facebook can easily access to your mobile phone and can take the pictures/videos anytime. This warning has been made by the MPs and they asked the social media networks to simplify the terms and conditions.

While talking, the MP also said that, “all the companies (the social media companies) should simplify the terms & conditions those are designed for the US courts because they are at the stage very complicated so that almost no reasonable person can understand that.

They MPs tried to take the attention of the Government by calling them to draw the new plan for the mobile apps and the websites to make clear how to use their personal data and the warnings about the laws those are required if the company fails to perform.

The committee marked the terms for the “Facebook Messenger” app that is used by over 200,000 million users a month. It means that the app can directly gain the access to a tablet or the mobile in order to make pictures/videos anytime without the permission of the owner.

The MPs also highlighted that earlier this year, the company carried out an experiment in which they recorded the users’ moods as the news feeds.

“All the companies (the social media companies) would never think or want to deceive their users, so most of the social media networks developers will be ok to accept the new guidelines on the clear communication and the informed approval that we are asking to the Government to apply.

Adding more, “there must be a clear rules and guidelines for the information that the apps require in order to provide their services like the nature of the personal information they often request while registering the new users.

The Government’s handling of plans was also criticized by the committee about compiling the patients’ medical records on a centralized database under controversial project that spark the concerns of the patients’ right groups and the doctors over the privacy.

It was said that the project has been a just an example of the failure of the trusted relationship that is needed to be developed.

Although, the Facebook didn’t respond to that issue via any statement, but according to a source, “we have quite recently restructured our terms and the policies to make them easier and simpler to understand”.

The source said, “We also made a new site from where people can get assistance to understand the way to control their Facebook experience like, using the privacy settings and tagging the people.

The DPC (Data Protection Commissioner) has noted that the Facebook had applied the recommendations of the Data Protection Commissioner and in many examples, they went beyond to some of their initial recommendations and they are fully dedicated to the best practice in the data protection agreement.