Shares Jumps For The Twitter!

The Twitter’s Shares has been caught jumped on the Monday evening right after the prediction of a well-known analyst of the Wall Street in which he predicted that the Chief Executive Officer “Dick Costolo” is just about to set himself apart of the micro-blogging company soon.

Wall Street analyst – The chances of the Chief Executive Officer “Dick Costolo’s” exit from the micro-blogging company may be seen within the year – he said this in an interview with the news agency.

The day was ended at the higher side by 3.6% to the $38.43 for the Twitter a share.

During a rally for the stock-market, there was a clear rose seen in generally for the tech stocks on Monday. Right when it was 1 pm EST, there was a clear spike shown for the Twitter straightaway when the Peck went on air.

The Dick Costolo is regularly under questions for the company’s performance and he is facing many questions regarding his position and future in the company. The company is clearly underperforming as the stock is clearly down 39% for this year and right now it is trading lower than the initial publics offering closed price from the November 2013 of the $44.90/share.

So, that thing is clearly placing a negative mark for the Dick Costolo’s position and future in the company and he is facing the questions for the right reasons because the company is not performing and achieveing it’s targets at all that has made the Dick Costolo to face questions about his future in the company.

The investors are now feeling uncomfortable to hammer the stock because of the fears that the Twitter’s average user’s growth is consistently going down and the frustration over the Dick Costolo’s ability to prove the micro-blogging company as more than the niche product for the high profile peoples.

If the investors can’t feel safe or they feel uncomfortable about investing in the stocks, then it can be imagined that the company’s CEO is definitely under question for his ability to prove the company as a good place for the investors and that is what’s going on for the Dick Costolo right now.

The Dick Costolo is consistently under criticism because of his leadership tactics and the way he is changing the company’s strategy to improve the situation and that is what the investors are afraid of and why they are slowly pulling their hands of the stocks.

According to the Peck, “The only question that seems more important whenever I talk to the institutional investors and they all are asking the questions about the Dick Costolo’s and his performance and future in the company.”

The Peck even go to list the contenders that he thinks can be replaced and the Dick Costolo and the Ross Levinsohn (ex CEO of the Yahoo). The Dick Costolo also said that he think “a huge media personality” should join up with financial background of the Twitter’s CFO (Anthony Noto) who is also an ex banker at the GoldmanSach bank and who have been with the company from July.