Sign Up For AOL Mail Account

AOL is the multinational American company which is based in New York City and invests in the website and brands and help them to develop and grow successfully in the competitive market.

Register of Mail Account

To register with this mail account the user need to keep in mind the important instructions as the this email program requires fast internet speed on the computer device.

Registration Steps of mail Account

Here are some simple and easy steps of the mail account.

  • Click on the link
  • Enter your “First Name” and your“Last Name” in the required boxes. This name should be your real identity as fake names are not acceptable for such email programs.
  • Pick a “username” of your choice, it would be the identity of your account at the this mail. If the Username which you types is unavailable, then you will get suggestions of couple of various names which are similar to your selected username.
  • Enter “password” as required. The password should be easy to remember.
  • Re-type the password in the box as required. Be careful in re-writing the password in the given box. This is confirmation of your typed password and should match with the password which you typed in the step 4.
  • Enter your valid date of Birth, Zip Code, which is your state code, and Gender i-e Male or Female as required in their respective boxes.
  • Now select the security question from the list drop-down menu. The security question must be easy to remember so that you could recover your email account in case of password forget or hacking.
  • Write the answer of your security question in the given box. The answer should be easy to recall so that you could recover your email account in case of forgetting your email password.
  • Enter an alternate email address and mobile number in the boxes given. This information should be typed correctly. The email would be sent to the alternate email address or you will get notification SMS on your given mobile number about the password recovery.
  • Click Signup to complete the registration process.

The user will get confirmation email on its official email account after the completion of registration process.