Sign Up With The Hotmail Account Online

Hotmail is the first web-based email service provided by the Microsoft in 1997. It was founded by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia.

The users could access their account from anywhere. The hotmail was called as With outlook now you could send and receive emails from other email addresses. Its has unlimited storage space for its registered users.

Steps to Register

  • Click on the link
  • Enter our Name in the require field. The name should be valid as it will be your account name.
  • Enter your Last name in the require field. The name should be valid as it will be used for your account name.
  • Enter your “username” as the Hotmail id in the require field. This will become your email address on this account. You can select your favorite username in the require box as Microsoft could link with all email programs. By clicking on the Get a new email address, you could have the option of outlook or hotmail.
  • Now create almost 8 or minimum character password for your account. This could be small and easy to remember by the user.
  • Now again enter your same password which you typed in the step 5. This is confirmation of your password to avoid misspelled.
  • Choose your country or region from the drop down menu. This region is based on your residence area.
  • Now enter your Zip code in the given box.
  • Choose your correct Date of Birth from the drop down menu. The hotmail or Microsoft account is age restricted and its settings are designed according to the age of the user which they choose from the drop down menu.
  • Select your gender from the drop down menu i-e Male, Female or Non-Specified.
  • Enter your Country Code by selecting from the drop down menu.
  • To protect your Microsoft account, you need to enter your valid phone number in the require field. This will help you to recover your password or to confirm the authorize user by sending login attempt message or notification of their given number. This feature will secure your account privacy from illegal use or hack.
  • Enter your alternate email address in the require field. The alternate email address will help you to get recovery password of your account.
  • Enter the characters which you have seen in the image. This will confirm you as a Human.
  • If you need to get promotional emails on your in account from Microsoft then tick on the box. Otherwise, let it unchecked.
  • Click “ Create Account” to finish the registration process.

The hotmail user then gets confirmation of new account on their alternate email address.