Sky Taxis Are Going To Be Launched Soon

If you are fed up of the congested traffic on the roads, then you will have to stop worrying as the debut of the SkyTran’s sky taxis is expected very soon. The cars with the features of aerial mass transit system which glide magnetically 20 -30 feet with the tracks with the elevation above the ground.

The system has been in the stage of development since last 5 years in California and the debut of the pilot project will be made in the month of October. The system will be capable of running for almost 900 feet on the Israel Aerospace Industries campus that was actually in partnership with SkyTran for the development of the cars.

At the beginning, there will be a single car running on the track. It will have the capacity of 4 persons to hold up and the maximum speed of the car will be 60 miles per hour. Company has the hopes for the addition of more cars to the system it has created.

If the system is successful and there is no fault in anything, then the expansion will be done to at least 3 cities of Israel along with few cities of USA by 2018.

The projects of developing the subways and railroads are more expensive therefore the overhead transport mode is better than them due to the less spending on it. According to the CEO of SkyTran, Jerry Saunders, the mode is more environment friendly as well.

He said that when the public transport is the concern, the latest system is better and significant because you will need near $2 billion per kilometer for the underground systems.

Surface systems require lot of funds and huge amount of energy as well. The cost of SkyTran for a kilometer is around $8 million and the amount spend on each car is $25,000 to $30,000. Sanders told that the car uses the 1/3 of the hybrid car energy too.

According to him, it is a bargain for the cities if its cost is compared with the cost of the maintenance and expansion of the mass transit system.

The system of the SkyTran has been created from the aluminum and the steel. An important aspect of the system is that the assembling and the installation can be done in few days.

Magnetic Levitation technology is used by the system to bring the cars in motion. It can also be explained as, “lift is produced by the electromagnets and cars are then urged to propel forward that makes the technology energy efficient. It can be benefited by the countries in which issue of electricity prevails.

The interest for the SkyTran has been shown by many cities that include Inglewood and Baltimore and it is hoped that the system will be started to build in Baltimore in 2016. We can expect that one of these cities will have the pilot systems of the company very soon.