Small Businesses, Pay Attention: Facebook Wants To Help You Succeed On Their Social Networking Site

As any small business owner knows, standing out from the crowd (especially on social media), can be an incredible difficult task. Between advertising, creating enticing content and simply getting your brand’s name out there, a lot goes into marketing your small business online. You can’t really survive without doing so, but succeeding at online advertising is far easier said than done. Recently, Facebook has been reaching out to small business owners and helping show them how they can successfully market their brands on the company’s social networking site. After visiting numerous cities and having over 4,000 small businesses attend these events, it is quite obvious Facebook is trying to make a big push to get these young business men and women to start truly utilizing their site.

Sheryl Sandberg is the chief operating office at Facebook. When discussing the topic of small businesses and Facebook, Sheryl said “Our goal is really simple: our business grows by growing your business.” Facebook has been visiting cities from Chicago to New York and hosting seminars for small businesses to show them how they can take advantage of all of the services Facebook provides, and how they can implement them into their online advertising. Currently, over 30 million small businesses use have pages on Facebook that they update at least once every month. Out of those 30 million, only 1.5 million businesses actually advertise on Facebook (e.g. promotional posts and image-based advertising). With these seminars, Facebook is looking to increase those numbers and help more businesses to get into actively advertising their brand and content on the website.

During these events, Facebook featured certain small businesses that are perfect examples of companies that are truly taking advantages of all of the features Facebook has to offer for small businesses. One of the examples was Sam’s Chowder House. Julie Shenkman is the co-owner of this company, a local food truck that frequently updates their Facebook page to let customers know about their current location and where they have plans on going. Shenkman talked about how her company frequently utilizes Facebook’s advertising features as well. One of the examples she used was called “Oyster popups”. These Oyster popups are advertisements for $1 oysters that Shenkman and her team only publish to their Facebook page. Shenkman said that they paid $20 on these advertised posts and that they were able to reach over 5,000 individuals who had said at one point or another that they enjoyed oysters. Thanks to these clever advertisements, Sam’s Chowder House was completely packed.

Success stories like the one above are great, but are too far and few between. Facebook wants more businesses to have success with advertising on the site, just like Julie and her business has had. At these small business events, Facebook handed out $50 in Facebook advertising credit to each small business that attended to help kick start these business’ advertising success.