Smart Lock: The Digital Security Modules To Thorough Away Your Old Keys!


An innovative door lock powered by the apps can move the smart home lock into a mainstream.

The innovation of the Yves Behar (industrial designer) and the Jason Johnson (tech veteran), the Smart Lock is the keyless lock system that is powered by the mobile app. The smart device costs you the $249 and it promises that you won’t be finding your lost keys once you have decided to buy this smart lock.

The Smart Lock has arrived in the market and it is competing with the many other internet connected devices for the home use from the security systems like the Dropcam to the products like Nest connected thermostat in the market.

In the Las Vegas, there will be a Consumer Electronics Show soon and the products and their potentials in the creation of “the connected home” are likely to be the theme of this show in the Las Vegas.

The Behar is recognized for the tech devices designing like new logo of the PayPal and the Jawbone fitness band and the Johnson of the entrepreneur club of Founder’s Den were looking for a new way to offer the home owners a new way to secure their homes.

According to the co-founder and CEO, Johnson – we were looking to fabricate something innovative that could be simple enough for the users in order to buy it and take it with tem to their homes and can easily install it without the help of anyone else.

The Smart Lock can easily be installed by the users to their homes because you will only need to fix the two screws those can be easily be found as they are being used for 85-90 percent of the all deadbolts in U.S.

The Smart Lock is not the only one or the first in the markets. Such kind of the internet powered locks are already being offered by the other companies manufacturing the security gadgets like the Kwikset and the Schlage.

There was also a prior award winning security system by the Shark Tank named as “Kwikset Kevo.” The system functions like the August Smart Lock that is controlled by the phone’s Bluetooth.

Interestingly, the installation of the Smart Lock doesn’t requires any expert and even a normal user can easily buy it and get it installed in his home for the security concern quite easily and quickly. You can easily replace the existing lock turn by keeping intact the actual mechanism of the lock and replace it with the two screws easily.

There is also an aspect for the social networking in the Smart Lock. There is a guestbook function available in the Smart Lock that will permit the host to leave a photo or the message for the visitors when they are arriving at the host’s door. The guests could also return favor by recording his comment with the help of the app.

There is the encryption technology used by the Smart Lock that is most commonly used by the banks.