So, You Thought Richard Nixon Was Dead? Think Again, Because He’s All Over Twitter Right Now

Twitter has become one of the best places for anyone to follow their favorites artists, celebrities, role models, etc. From Justin Bieber to US President Barack Obama, Twitter allows anyone to follow these people and get direct updates from them as they happen. Recently on the old Twitter verse, someone has been causing quite a stir and commotion all over the super-popular social networking website. That person is none other than Richard Nixon himself.

Wait a minute, Richard Nixon? That’s right. Old Tricky Dick himself is on Twitter and gathering quite the audience. If this sounds strange, that’s because it is. Former United States President Richard Nixon passed away at the age of 81 in 1994 due to stroke that he suffered from. However, the Twitter account @Dick_Nixon has recently been tweeting all over the place and getting quite a bit of attention drawn to himself. This is different from parody accounts that pop up on Twitter. Quite frequently, we’ll see accounts for Batman, Jesus, Steve Jobs and other popular figures have accounts that tweet out random jokes and memes that have nothing to do with the people they are representing. This @Dick_Nixon account is sometime entirely different. This account has already gathered almost 8,000 total followers at the time of this writing. The Nixon behind this account has been tweeting about major world issues and topics currently happening, all in the style of the former 37th United States President himself.

Come on now though, who’s really behind this whole thing? Apparently, 33-year-old Justin Sherin is the mastermind behind Twitter’s own version of Richard Nixon. Sherin is a playwright in New York and says that he’s always been intrigued by President Nixon’s “convoluted” and “weird” personality and way of speaking. Sherin started this account for the famous President all the way back in 2008 by tweeting excerpts of conversations from Nixon during his time in the White House. Just recently though, Sherin has been tackling current topics with the Nixon mask on, and he’s been having quite a bit of success already. Here are just a few things that people have already said about the refreshed Nixon:

“I never got to meet Nixon, so this is the next best thing for me.” – Author and Journalist Robert Draper

“He has his voice and his mentality down cold. And he also makes me laugh.” – Author and Journalist Elizabeth Drew

Sherin stated that “I try very hard either to use something that he did say in a similar context or that I could argue he would have said when faced with such a situation.” While a refresh of President Nixon may not be on the list of interests for everyone, it certainly is entertaining to see someone recreate one of the most interesting figures in United States History via a social networking website. And with all of the talk of war and disease currently spreading around like wildfire, it’s nice to see someone still having fun with life, amidst everything else currently going on in the world.