Social Audience: Don’t Give Your Social Media Audience What They Want!

This sounds counterintuitive, but you will definitely get to know the good reasons for this. Most times, the type of content your social followers are craving is not the type of content that can help push your organization forward and help it compete favorably in the business world.

Social media marketers and consumer-oriented businesses are increasingly using wide range of social listening tools, analytic, data, and different ranges of research to unravel formats and themes for contents that are prone to appeal to their audience strongly. There would be absolutely no problem with this trend if the content in question will yield positive business objectives while it tries to appeal your social followers. But, most times, such contents are usually prone to getting social audience’s attention while leaving your business (the main reason for being on the social platform) with no meaningful positive impact.

However, if you want to go for the content that your social followers are craving for, you should put certain factors into consideration. One of such factors or considerations is to ensure that your audience is relevant if you must create and publish content that appeals to them. So, if you are confident and sure that your social followers are relevant to your type of online business, you can create and publish your content based on what they are craving for.

The trend on the social scene from the onset and even to this moment is to build large social followers as quickly as possible. The outcome of this trend has always been generating an audience and subscribers that are outside of your target demographic and have not potentials to ever become your customers or people who will influence increased consumption of your products and/or services.

It is obviously meaningless to create contents for a social audience that is of no relevance to your business. In fact, doing this will also be completely of no value to both your existing and prospective customers.

So, what’s the bottom line? Your business needs may demand the creation of content that are not likely to appeal to your social audience. And, sometimes, even when you have a social audience that is related to your business, it may still be needful to create and post contents that may not really be attractive to your audience. A perfect instance is when you are veering into an all new product/service category in the course of business expansion. In this case, your target with your content will be to attract an all new consumer segment to your social community. Although you may decide to create a different social community for the new customer segment, this is not a very productive choice.