Social Experiment Hit By Problems Even Before It Has Been Aired On TV

After just one week out of the 12 month experiment completed, there is news surrounding the Utopia programme claiming that all is not well and there have already been a number of fights and more than its fair share of drama.

The programme that is following 15 people who need to build up a perfect civilization from the beginning has already had one participant declare that they are pregnant while another has been taken to hospital. It is clear from the back grounds of a number of the participants that the scheme has been set up to be dramatic it has been claimed.

Figures show that there is already a decent sized online following as more than 1 million watched streaming of the grounds even before the programme has aired on TV.

Reports show that the people involved are going to suffer hardship when their lifestyle is compared to what they will be used to as there is no electricity, plumbing and little in the way of food.

It has also been reported that there are already two relationships in progress and as millions has been invested by Fox, they are going to have to ride out the problems and make the best out of the show that they are referring to as a “social experiment”.

The executive producer is the man responsible for Big Brother and he claims that Utopia is the “most pure form of reality” that he has been involved with.

There have been reports that while there seem to be issues on the screen, there are also a number behind the scenes. There are a number of new producers involved and it seems there have been some struggles so far as Kevin Reilly who was behind the project has left and others are having to slot in and keep the project going.

It appears that one of the big issues is around the cost as one executive has said that the bill is in and they described it as at the “very high end of staggering.” This has to an extent been admitted by Conrad Green who is the Executive Producer who described them as “not insignificant” but stopped short of explaining what the figures were.

Simon Andreae only joined the network less than a year ago and so this is the biggest project that he has been involved in so far it has been declared.