Social Work: The Rotherham Blame Game Is A Distraction In Supporting Sexual Abuse Victims

No doubts, accountability is very needful, yet it is also important to concentrate on helping survivors with services that are properly funded. Rotherham, Yorkshire, inquiry report reveals that not less than 1,400 children were abused sexually in the past few years.

As Alexis Jay recounted her report on Rotherham which discovered nothing less than 1,400 children abused sexually, the emotion behind it all is something that couldn’t go without the audience feeling it. Just thinking of children being raped and assaulted is enough to cut deep into anyone’s comfort zones

Continued failures by the police and the political leadership resulted in media outrage, and of course the population latched in. And, for the fact that majority of the culprits were of Pakistani heritage, an instant conclusion emerged. The conclusion is that as a result of political correctness, the minimizing of the happenstance is tied to the fact that people who were part of it all were too afraid to utter a word so there won’t be any critical community friction.

If such immediate conclusion is not far from the truth, and coupled with failure on the part of the police to act in so many instances, plus the previous reports being allegedly suppressed, then everyone who is involved should not go unpunished based on their failure.

However, all these seem to distract attention off the needs of the children who are victims of the sexual abuse and would have to live with the effect the ugly event exerts on them for the rest of their lives. Since it appears that our duty of protection has failed, we are not prepared to fail in our duty of support and help in doing everything possible to ensure that the victims do not live abnormal adulthood life eventually.

Remember that funds were released to help when the Somerset levels flooded (labeled a national disaster). So, why don’t we see the rate of child abuse in our country as an emergency and a national disaster that require urgent release funded services in order to provide the help that these little battered children deserve?

The entire children who are victims of the situation certainly have needs individually. Therefore, the first place to begin the healing and rehabilitation process for them is to provide properly resourced support and services targeted at meeting their needs. The help encompasses therapeutic support, mentoring and other support systems.