Solar Plane Reached Hawaii And Landed Safely

Andre Borschberg has brought back the plane after flying for 118 continuous hours over the Pacific Ocean. The plane was powered by solar energy called Solar Impulse 2 which entered its name in the records of aviation. Solar Plane took off from Japan five days ago and landed safely at the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The flight was longest both in time and distance for a plane running on the sun power which has covered a distance of more than 8200 kilometers.

Andre Borschberg the piolet was very excited after the landing of the plane and he said that was a joyous flight which gave him an incredible feeling. Earlier for dew days, weather was becoming the hurdle for the flight but on Sunday, Andre decided to start his journey.

The plane needed an optimal landing condition which made it in a holding pattern near Hawaii for much of the morning. “It was an emotional moment when we saw the landing lights of the plane in the skies”, Solar Impulse Team said. Obviously that was a big success for the team.

The journey of the Solar Impulse actually started in March from Abu Dhabi, UAE and the team had the aim to maximum the day light can be obtained. This maximization of the day light is important because there are around 17000 solar cells which are present at the top of wings and fuselage of the plane and if maximum amount of sun light is obtained and saved, it would allow the plane to remain in the air flying for the entire night without stopping on the battery power. Its speed remains similar to a car’s speed. Borschberg has the target to fly over the entire world along with his co-pilot Bertrand Piccard. If they get succeed in doing so, it will happen first time that someone would fly a plane and complete the round of the world which would be powered only by solar energy.

According to the schedule made, Piccard will fly next leg to Phoenix. The target has been made to cross the Atlantic Ocean and at the end the plane will have to complete a journey of 35,000 kilometers and reach back Abu Dhabi.

During the flight, nutritional needs of the pilots were taken into consideration and therefore, according to their needs, enough food was packed for them keeping in mind the probability of staying in the air for longer period continuously. The plane also oxygen bottles, a parachute and a life raft for the safety purpose. Regarding the sleep of the pilot, he was allowed to sleep for very short periods of 20 minutes for 10 to 12 times a day.