Sony Is Getting Ready To Call It Quits With Playstation Mobile Gaming Service

Mobile gaming has taken off at an incredible rate. Angry Birds still remains one of the most popular applications of all time, but we’ve come quite a long way since we were originally slinging birds at groups of evil pigs. With introductions of games, such as Modern Combat, NOVA, Shadowgear and more, mobile gaming is expanding to limits we wouldn’t have thought possible a few very short years ago. When games on the mobile platform were just starting out, things weren’t quite as streamlined or smooth as they are today. Sony was looking to help fix that with their PlayStation Mobile service. PlayStation Mobile came into the market with the idea of bringing helping bring mobile gaming to the next level. The service wasn’t a total failure. In fact, it did quite well for a while there. However, Sony made an announcement today that they will no longer be supporting the service moving forward.

While the news is certainly upsetting to PlayStation fans, the service isn’t entirely dead yet. Sony confirmed that they will not support any devices running Android 4.4.3 KitKat or higher as of now, but phones and tablets running 4.4.2 will still have access to Sony’s mobile gaming service. When Sony originally created PlayStation Mobile, the whole motive behind it was to be able to help get more indie games onto the PlayStation Vita platform. Back then, this was a bit of a tricky process for developers, and PlayStation Mobile intended to help bridge that gap.

Along with the news of the end of support for PlayStation Mobile, Sony has also announced that they will no longer be handing out the PlayStation Certified title to any devices in the future. Not too many smartphones or tablets took advantage of this title during its active state, but it looks like Sony has given up on this too. The exact reasons for these changes and cancellations have yet to be detailed by Sony. The company wasn’t very specific when giving out these announcements, so hopefully we will hear more from the company sooner rather than later.

One could theorize that Sony just doesn’t need the help of Google or their mobile devices anymore. As the PlayStation brand continues to grow with the PS4, PS Vita, PlayStation TV and PlayStation Now, it is looking like Sony wants to put as much attention as they can directly into the PlayStation ecosystem. While cutting support for these mobile devices sounds like a bummer, it’ll most likely be in the best benefit of the PlayStation brand. PlayStation Mobile isn’t near as popular as it was when it originally launched. All Sony is doing is cutting loose ends and cleaning up stuff that’s simply taking up space. As their focus on the PlayStation brand and ecosystem continues to grow, Sony needs to see just where they are with their PlayStation-related products and services, and continuing to let dying ones live on doesn’t make much sense at all.