Sony: The Sony Has Done The Wrong Thing – Says Obama!

Pulling the movie is just not good!

Washington – In the conference of the Friday, the president Obama urged that the Sony’s decision to pull the plug of the movie “The Interview” because of the threats from the North Korean hacker’s threats is just not the right thing to do.

He said – The Sony would have talked to me before deciding to not show the movie “The Interview” and I would have asked the Sony to so not get them in a pattern in which they are frightened by such kind of the criminal attacks.

In response to the Obama’s comments about the Sony’s decision to not release the movie “The Interview”, the SPE (Sony Pictures Entertainment) CEO, Michael Lynton talked to an interviewer and said that we are not caved either not given in to the situation instead, we are keep trying.

In the interview, the SPE CEO opposed the statement of the president Obama in which the president said that the SPE should have talked to him before deciding about the release of “The Interview” movie. And he also said that we have spoken to a senior adviser of the White House in order to discuss the situation.

A follow up statement was issued by the SPE this Friday evening. In the statement, the SPE said that even though the free expression might not be concealed by the threats and the extortion, but we had no choice other than to halt the release.

He said, to be clear, the decision that we have made about the release of the movie “The Interview” is to not show it on the Christmas Day because the number of the theaters owners refused o show this movie on the Christmas day that is why we have postponed the release and of course, we cannot release the movie without the support of the theaters.

The report about the North Korean hackers behind the Sony’s hack was confirmed by the FBI earlier this week. The Sony Picture Entertainment was getting threats from the North Korean terrorists for the movie “The Interview” and that lead to the cancelation of the release of the movie that was going to release on the Christmas Day.