Sony’s Latest Smartphone-Hugging Camera Lets You Swap Out Lenses

Sony has become the poster child of creative, out of the box, and sometimes right down inter-galactic-like product design. For decades now Sony has created everything from OLED displays one can wear upon their face, car stereos that can actually turn into ordinary Walkmen, tablets that can be folded up into burrito shaped gadgets and even Luke Skywalker binoculars that can actually record in 3D. The list goes on but one thing is for sure, Sony designs and develops products stemming from the creative foundries of the company, heavily inspired by an almost Dr. Seuss or Willy Wonka themed group meeting. The only difference that can be penned would be that Sony’s product names aren’t The Chocolate Fountain of Marshmallow Goodness, but instead things like XCDF-RLTFGDH23Z (clearly not a product name they actually went with).

To solidify the above statement, Sony has all but teleported another such product, as if it were to have come from another universe, the Sony ILCEQX1 (that name wasn’t made up). The ILCE-QX1 happens to be a revamp of last year’s two popular models, the QX10 and the appropriately named QX100 mountable cameras, only the ILCE QX1 has a few new features. What are the features? An interchangeable (almost galactic) lens mount, a 20MP sensor as well as a popup flash.

Similar to and keeping in tradition with the previous models, the QX1 also comes pre-loaded with the spring arms that clip onto the side of the smartphone, something everyone has come to like, also connects to other devices via Wi-Fi andan NFC paring option too. You can control it by utilizing the well-developed PlayMemory app for either iOS or even Android, and that way your phone also acts as a live viewfinder. Once you snap a shot the QX1 instantly and through an automated process, saves a low resolution copy of the picture to your device. Once that’s done you can choose to either save the full resolution version of the picture to your device or opt to store it on the QX1’s SD memory card.

An additional benefit the QX1 has over the previous models is the fact that the mount is compatible with the EMount lenses, this means you can use the QX1 with a barrage of lenses which were initially built specifically for other non-mirror-dependent cameras. Though the QX1’s mobile app you can take control of everything from the shutter priority to the different RAW shooting modes along with aperture priority.

Of course, this is the case with the previous models too where controlling the camera becomes heavily if not singularly reliant on the mobile application itself. Since the QX1 has only a single physical control feature that being the shutter button, this limits potential users options when using the camera by itself. Aside from the new popup flash an added feature is the larger slightly chunkier removable battery that comes with the QX1. In conclusion, not only does the QX1 – which will retail at just around $400 – have larger sensors and lens mounts which offer a significant boost in image quality, but the interchangeable lenses as well add a unique feature to this creative mountable camera.