Stars To Get More Rights When It Comes To Knowing What Has Been Written About Them On Facebook

If you are considering making a comment about a favourite or not so well like celebrity tonight, don’t be surprised if they have replied to you in the morning. Thanks to a new app, they can trace what is written about them in a way that has never been possible in the past. So far it has been used by Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L Jackson and Mariah Carey.

When criticised by film critic Dom Lane, Whoopi answered him to remind him about some of the films she had appeared in and gently rebuked him for his criticism. That is certainly not what he was expecting when he posted his comments as until now it has not been possible to find all of your mentions.

So how does this new app work? It’s simple really as all the celebrity has to do is look for their name and it will show all the posts made containing their name. Then, providing they have an account they can reply or just like the post. Although this is not available across the world yet, it is available in the USA and that is how Whoopi was able to access it.

So far there has been just a gently phrased rebuke but it will be interesting to see what Twitter will do if any of the conversations turn nasty or threatening. At a time when there are calls for the internet to be cleared of unsavoury stories regardless of whether they are true or not, it will be a relief to those who are worried about untrue comments appearing that they will be able to find them and give a personal answer.

Mariah Carey has joined in the fun by wishing a special happy birthday to the mother of man who had interviewed her after she traced her name to a remark he had made about the interview. It is clear that this is going to be a hit and it is being rolled out across the world in the near future.

Ed Sheeran is another celebrity who is known to have downloaded it and it is going to be interesting to see if this has any effect on how Twitter is used. That will no longer be the only way to interact with your favourite stars and according to Allison Swope Facebooks product manager :- ‘Nearly 800 million people are connected to public figures on Facebook,………………We want to make these interactions even better.”