Stop Reporting The Sony’s Material Stolen By The Hackers: Says The Sony Lawyer To The Reporters!

The Sony Picture is trying to recover from the shocking cyber attack and they are asking the news organizations to stop examining and to stop broadcasting the company secrets those have been made public by the hackers.

This Sunday – According to the Attorney David Boies, “The tactics f the hackers are a part of the ongoing campaign clearly looking to put a stop to the distribution of a motion picture by the Sony.

According to the Boies, “the suspect is threatening the employees of the SPE”. The David Boies also explained that the hackers are using distribution of the both company information and the private information in order to harm the Sony Pictures Entertainment to push them to withdraw from the distribution of the motion picture.

The way the Attorney David Boies was speaking to the media, it was quite clear that the Sony pictures is in effect and they are being blackmailed by unidentified hacker in order to stop the upcoming movie “The Interview” that is about to release soon.

Until now, Sony picture did not said it publically and has not blamed any particular group or the party that they are behind that devastating cyber attack that happened the last November.

According to the cyber security experts, there might be the North Korea as a likely source of attack behind that devastating cyber attack on the SPE the past November. The reason may be that the Korean regime has already condemned the comedy movie “The Interview” starring the James Franco and Seth Rogen because the story is involving the attempted Kim Jong-Un’s assassination.

A three page letter was dispatched to the legal offices of the number of news organizations in which the Attorney David Boies said that SPE do not allow you to review, disseminate, copy, publicize, download, upload or to make any other use of the stolen material.

In addition, the Attorney David Boies said that he is requesting for your cooperation in order to destroy the materials as well. If the news organization will use or disseminate the information, then the Sony Pictures will not have any other choice rather than holding you the responsible – Attorney David Boies said.

A number of the newspaper organization including the small and the big are reporting the disclosures of the document dump.

“Basically, we have done their bid. According to the Andrew Wallenstein, who is the Variety co-editor in chief said the reliable source on the Sunday. He said that we have made the most of this content and I have not done it lightly.

But still, it was expected to be there anyway, and we ought t be a part of that conversation – the Wallenstein said while defending the decision to publish the excerpts from documents.

There are many news organizations who have received that three-page document from the Sony Pictures and according to the spokesman of the Sony, “the studio has no comment regarding the legal action”.